Moving Tips

We have almost every conceivable box or carton possible for packing, moving, storing or shipping.

Moving Tip

Use fragile stickers to identify those boxes that need special care.

  • Identify contents of each carton for easy unpacking.
  • Use fragile stickers to identify those boxes that need special care.
  • Blankets and linens are best moved in larger cartons.
  • Pillows can be packed in dresser drawers.
  • Phonograph records should be packed on edge in upright position (ask about our specially-designed carton).
  • Books should be packed on edge in a one or two cubic foot carton for easy handling (ask about our special book carton).
  • Tape cartons on the bottom (two strips) and top (one strip).
  • Cartons should weigh no more than 50 to 60 pounds.
  • Pack lampshades in cartons by themselves.
  • Do not pack cleaning solutions etc in the same cartons as food items or medicines.
  • Do not wrap linens, books, and lampshades in newspaper,as the ink will rub off.
  • Do not pack irons, kitchenware etc in same box as china and glass.
  • Do not pack heavy articles on top of shoes.They travel well in the bottom of wardrobe containers.
  • Remove the weights from grandfather clock before moving.
  • If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of the big day. This avoids last minute rush and stress.
  • Tie brooms, mops and curtain rods in bundles(ask about our special telescoping household utility carton–you’ll be amazed at how much it will hold).
  • Consider wardrobe containers – each container will accommodate two linear feet of closet space, and are available in either full length or short. They are also perfect for packing draperies.
  • Have a garage sale – this will enable you to dispose of unwanted items and generate some extra cash, and there is less to pack as well!